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Program Description

The Electrical Technology - Concentration: Electromechanical program prepares individuals for employment in electrical and mechanical maintenance fields as entry-level maintenance technicians. With the required technical skills, individuals can diagnose electrical and mechanical problems and make appropriate repairs with minimal down time. The program will also address preventative maintenance issues to prevent maintenance problems from occurring.

Program Competencies

The Electromechanical graduate is competent to:

  1. Program, install and troubleshoot solid state devices such as PLC's and frequency drives.
  2. Calculate and measure the electrical and electronic circuit parameters using appropriate troubleshooting procedures.
  3. Demonstrate and perform safe working practices in the electromechanical industry.
  4. Demonstrate effective speech and written skills necessary for communications in the workforce and customer interaction.
  5. Design, install and troubleshoot circuits for the operations and control of motors, alternators and generators.
  6. Utilize welding practices used in the electromechanical field.
  7. Use basic and intermediate rigging methods for safe installation and removal of equipment and machinery.
  8. Use diagrams, blueprints and equipment manuals for troubleshooting and repair of machinery.
  9. Install, maintain, and troubleshoot hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  10. Properly use hand tools and power tools in the maintenance and repair of electrical and mechanical equipment.
  11. Install, repair, and maintain pumping systems to include associated piping.
  12. Demonstrate work ethic traits including attendance, character, teamwork, appearance, attitude, communication, cooperation and respect to enhance their value as employees.
  13. Upon completion of the program, all students will demonstrate critical thinking skills for inquiry and analysis, assimilation of facts and knowledge, and problem solving.

How to Apply

A student desiring to pursue a certificate in Electromechanical Technology must:

  • Submit the Northeast State Application for Admission to the Office of Admissions and Records.
  • Indicate Electromechanical Technology as the desired major on the Northeast State application form.
  • Meet with an Electromechanical Technology program faculty advisor prior to registering for classes.

Course Requirements

Students enrolling in the program must also complete required General Education Courses.

For More Information

Please contact the following individuals for more information about this program:

Sam Rowell, Dean, Advanced Technologies

Fred Cope, Associate Professor, Electrical Technology

Steve Smith, Instructor, Electrical Technology

Robert (Bob) Wilson, Instructor, Electrictromechanical/Control Systems

Ray Allen, Instructor, Mechanical

Rick Black, Instructor, Mechanical

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